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The difficulty in tango is that even the smallest movement has consequences on the partner’s response. Because partners dance so closely, negotiating that space requires relaxation, sense of axis and a shared kinetic experience. From there comes the need to twist, to create sinuous curves, and the accurate weight shifts that are so crucial to the style.

Broadway Tango is a method that, in its solo style, develops aplomb, fluid twists, seamless pivots and sharp flicks while maintaining a natural flow that make the tango vocabulary (boleos, lapiz, rulos, enrosques, piernazos…) look and feel as they should. Choreographed sequences challenge the acquired skills and let the dance take over.


Our classes balance the demands of the big stage with a deep foundation that is the legacy of social tango improvisation. For regular virtual schedule contact us at 

For solo work, click here to take Broadway Tango classes on the streaming platform of Broadway on Demand 

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