BROADWAY TANGO is Argentine Tango made accessible and versatile so you can absorb choreography knowing the "hows" and the "whys". It's a style of movement that lends itself to solos and group choreography. It's a teaching methodology that develops aplomb, fluid twists, seamless pivots and sharp flicks while exuding Latin sensual “sabor”.

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ACE and HOLA Award winner tango choreographer from Argentina, Valeria Solomonoff (Evita Choreographer, NYU Musical Theater Tango Professor, Researcher at Harvard based Partnering Lab), brings her tango, dance, theater and musical experience to a methodology that gives dance professionals the key aspects of this iconic dance form. Adjusting to Covid-19 world, Broadway Tango makes tango vocabulary (ochos, boleos, enrosques, lapiz,…) part of your dancing repertoire through a series of virtual classes. The classes will ease the transition into partnering for auditions and shows.